group training

*If you are new to fitness we suggest that you book a FREE initial consultation/workout before beginning any of our small group training.

Komplete Workout

Komplete Workout is simply a cut above other fitness classes. Every 60-minute Komplete Workout class is designed to torch body fat, build lean muscle, and improve cardiovascular endurance, challenging participants to push themselves harder than ever before. Using a mix of functional training tools including speed complexes, tabata work (high-intensity interval training) and agility drills, along with exercises culled from other popular workouts (the martial arts and team sports). Komplete Workout is a heart-pumping blend of cardio, strength and resistance training

*Class maximum of 6 clients


Build functional muscle that’s for strength, balanced movement and aesthetics using classic barbell & dumbbell lifts + modern accessory movements, with high level programmed complexes.

Strength comes in speed, power outputs, max efforts, different movements, and plyometrics.

Weightlifting isn’t just a sport of strength, speed, or conditioning. It is a true expression of knowing yourself and understanding the absolute value of patience.

*Class maximum of 6

Open Gym

A 60 minute time slot with a roving coach there if you want it, come in and do you.


Mobility & Movement

Mobility & Movement class is dedicated to helping our clients improve the quality of their movement in terms of more fluently controlling their ranges of motion. We believe that regularly improving joint range of motion and proficient movement capacity promotes faster recovery times and helps to troubleshoot chronic, unresolved orthopaedic pain.

Mobility & Movement class integrates the principles of Biomechanics and Andreo Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning®. This class is open to anyone. There are no prerequisites. Class content is geared toward helping our clients improve the positions specific to the movement demands of all our 1on 1 and group classes.

*Class maximum of 10

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