About Us

Our fitness belief is simple. A strong capable body inside the gym will lead to a strong and confident human outside of it.  We’ve always believed that there is far more to fitness than chasing six packs. That the empowerment you receive from exploring your physical ability is far more potent than anything an 8-week transformation challenge could ever dream of providing.  We don’t accept the idea that throwing a bunch of random movements on the board equals fitness.

At Komplete you’ll lift weights, slam balls and ropes, swing kettlebells, pull and push your bodyweight, jump on and over objects, sprint, move laterally, and have your barbell lifts progressively challenged and responsibly developed - all tailored to meet you exactly as you are.

You’ll soon look forward to what currently intimidates you and you’ll cross off goals you were certain were beyond your ability. Success in here yields success out there.  At Komplete Strength you will do more than just sweat, you will find and develop your true strength.